Shanti Kumari was Born in Mexico to East Indian, Belgian, Mexican and Norwegian ancestry keeps an innate and intuitive connection to her East Indian tradition. Her grandfather, would wake up at 3:00 a.m. to recite slokas and practice yoga. The love and respect for this tradition were passed on to her Mother who in turn passed it on to her when she started yoga classes at the age of 5. Shanti teaches a classical yoga approach encompassing pranayama, mudras, asana, nada and dhyana. She has experience teaching young children up to the elderly with her eldest student being 95 years old..Shanti's self studies are a continuous process as this is a cherished way of living.

Carnatic Music:
Vani is An engineer by profession, Vani has been learning Carnatic Classical Music since childhood and has continued her training through the guidance of her guru, Vidwan Kalashri D.V. Nagarajan. She has completed the Karnataka State Senior Proficiency music exam with honors. Currently, she is pursuing the Vidwat Proficiency program. She enjoys teaching both kids and adults and has performed in many temples, sabhas, AIR, and on television. She has even had the pleasure of singing for the Puppet Show at Bimba the Art Hut, a popular cultural center in Bangalore, India. She begun her teaching at the Rastrothana Music School in Bangalore and has been teaching ever since.

Khinayath- A Chicago Public Elementary School teacher with a minor in teaching bilingual children, Khinayath enjoys working with children and helping them get started on the path towards reaching their dreams via a good education. It is her firm belief that an education should empower children and help them to make a positive contribution to the world. She has 2+ years of experience teaching beginner, intermediate and advanced Hindi to kids ages 4-10 in an interactive and engaging manner, while also keeping classes fun!

Ustad Dilshad Khan is a globally renowned exponent of kathak. He has been teaching dance in Chicago and Indiana since 1990. He has also been choreographing for India Tribune, Chitarhar, Indian Medical Association (IMA), SBC TV, India TV, and numerous Academy recitals, annually. He has the passion and love for Kathak which makes his students enjoy and be more passionate towards our great classical dance.